Tata Crypto Coin: Today there is a recovery in cryptocurrencies including bitcoin. According to Coinmarket at 11.30 am on Sunday, the price of the world’s largest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, saw a 1.63 percent increase to reach $39,503.36.

At the same time, the price of Ethereum (ether) saw a rise of 1.16 percent. Amidst all this, a crypto coin named Tata Coin surprised everyone. In fact, the price of Tata Coin saw an increase of 3430.09 percent in just 24 hours.

That is, investors have gained more than 3400 percent in just one day. Let’s know about this penny token-

Tata Crypto Coin ( 7.31 lakh profit in one day )

According to Coinmarket.com, the price of penny crypto token Tata coin has jumped 3,430 percent to $0.1914 (ie Rs.14.63 in Indian Rupee) at the time of writing the news, which was a day earlier than the price of Tata Coin $0.00266 (20). money).

That is, if an investor had invested Rs 10,000 a day earlier, then the next day this amount would have become Rs 7.31 lakh.

About Tata Crypto Token

According to information on coinmarket.com, this penny token is a community-powered cryptocurrency based on the Tata Coin Binance smart chain.

Tata Coin aims to make decentralized finance completely secure. It aims to provide a secure payment system to multinational companies and organizations, including investors, across the globe, to enable them to conduct digital transactions easier and more securely using blockchain technology.

Let us tell you that Tata Coin is designed to be 100% community-driven.

Tata Coin has been launched as the world’s first digital currency owned by ‘You’. This digital currency will not be owned or controlled by any individual, organization, institution or group.

Trading volume rose by 18773.41 percent

The total trading volume of this penny digital currency has registered an increase of 18773.41 percent in 24 hours. The trading volume of Tata Coin is $3,503,413.69. It is ranked #2926 in the global crypto market and has a market cap of $1,700,769.

Its maximum supply is 9,000,000 tokens

Tata Coin has a limited supply of coins. It encourages investment in the form of “digital gold”. Its maximum supply is 9,000,000 tokens. Tata Coin has no team token and was listed with 100% public liquidity.